1001 Ways to use olive oil-Medical Remedies

Medical Remedies

Medical Remedies

Olive oil has been used for hundreds of years by various Mediterranean cultures for cooking and many medical treatments. Today we consider it to be a healthy choice as part of our daily diet. Some medical professionals are even rediscovering the medicinal benefits of olive oil and are performing research to understand the extent of the benefits that olive oil has to offer.  The remedies listed below use olive oil to:

Protect against Alzheimer’s Disease.  Oleocanthal, a chemical that protects brain cells and is found in olive oil, has been shown in past studies to act as a natural anti-inflammatory that works like ibuprofen, and could be extracted along with other related molecules in the development of future drugs used to prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Lower harmful cholesterol.  Olive oil has been shown to provide many health benefits that can be contributed to the high content of both monounsaturated fatty acids and antioxidative substances. Research has shown that olive oil offers some defense against cardiovascular disease by lowering harmful LDL cholesterol levels while elevating beneficial HDL levels.

Fight breast cancer tumors.  Researchers from the Universitat Autonoma in Barcelona say that olive oil “thwarts the gene that drives the growth of breast cancer tumors, it switches off proteins that the cancer cells rely on in order to grow and multiply and it protects the DNA from damage that can lead to cancer."  In fact, they have shown that molecules in this antioxidant monounsaturated fat actually fight tumors, slowing their growth, in some cases, even causing them to implode.

>Prevent skin tumors. Olive oil is naturally high in antioxidants and contains vitamin K which may be useful in treating skin tumors. According to recent university research, rubbing olive oil on the skin after exposure to the sun lowers the risk of getting skin tumors, possibly leading to skin cancer at a later date. To treat your skin, simply apply olive oil to any part of your body that was exposed to the sun. Leave this treatment on overnight and in the morning; wash your skin as usual.

Soothe skin burns.  Olive oil is hard to beat when it comes to first aid for skin burns. Aloe Vera is probably its main competitor, but olive oil is usually right on hand. When you have experienced a skin burn you should cool it off in cold water immediately, and then apply olive oil.  Keep the wound saturated with olive oil for 24 hours. It soothes and protects the skin from being exposed to the air.  Olive oil also helps the burn to heal faster.

Promote healing after surgery.  Rub olive oil on incisions to help them heal faster.

Inhibit swelling and reduce bruising.  Rub olive oil on accidental bumps as soon as possible.

Put a stop to snoring. Taking a sip of olive oil before heading to bed can  hinder snoring since it helps to lubricate your throat muscles.

Stop a tickle in your throat. A teaspoon of olive oil can help soothe a tickling or sore throat and help prevent coughing.

Cure an earache. Very carefully, use a cotton swab to apply olive oil to the outside ear cavity to help with earaches and excess wax.  It can also be warmed slightly (be careful that it doesn’t get too hot) before use to relieve pain.  Olive oil was once bottled and sold as “sweet oil” for the purpose of curing earaches.

Treat lice. Apply olive oil to scalp and entire head of hair, and leave on for at least 40 minutes.  Blot extra oil and using a lice comb, go through hair and get rid of the lice and nits.  Shampoo the remainder of the oil out of the hair.  It may take several shampoos but will leave the hair soft and healthy.    Use the olive oil once a week as a conditioner and preventative.

Alleviate diaper rash. Gently wipe olive oil on your baby’s bottom to help with the irritation of diaper rash.  Used as a protective barrier, Olive oil can also prevent the rash before it starts.  It wipes off easily as well.

Deter insect bites.  Lather exposed skin with extra virgin olive oil before spending time outdoors.  The oil smothers the insect before they can bite.

Care for your cat.  Add a teaspoon of olive oil to your cat’s food to help put a stop to hairballs. Olive oil is likely to be gentler on a cat’s system than petroleum-based anti-hairball lubricants.

Get rid of ear mites in pets.  Use an eye dropper to put a few drops of warm olive oil in the ear.  Rub the ears and allow the animal to shake his head.  Wipe the ears with a soft cloth or tissue. Repeat several times a week until they are clean. The olive oil will suffocate the mites.

Remove sap from paws.  Wash paws with olive oil to remove the sticky substance.  Olive oil is a great and safe alternative to commercial adhesive removers.

Restore shine to your pet’s coat.  Add about a teaspoon of olive oil to your pet’s food, it helps keep their skin moisturized and promotes a healthy, shiny coat.


I hope you enjoyed this article and as always STAY HEALTHY and BEAUTIFUL!