Pure Healthy Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar


Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Promise and Gurantee
The extra virgin olive oil is never mixed with anything, especially with olive oils from other harvest years. Our extra virgin olive oil only comes from one farm, one family and most importantly one year!
We guarantee that the olive oil that is shipped to your kitchen was harvested within a short period of time usually within a within 6-12 Months tops.
We guarantee that the oil is great tasting and not rancid. It has a brightly colored glow and a superior taste that will give all oils some serious competition.
We guarantee that it is an award winning product that will make your next meal a gourmet meal!

Best of all we guarantee that if it is not as good as we say, and for any reason you are dissatisfied, we will take back the unused portion and issue you a full refund! All you do is pay for shipping. We know you will love it!

Our Aged Balsamic Vinegar Promise and Guarantee
Our balsamic vinegar is never aged less than 12 Years! NEVER!!!
Our vinegar is never mixed with vinegars that are aged less than 12 years (a common practice). AGAIN NEVER!!!
How about we guarantee that it will blow your socks off (and make your salad and marinades taste amazing)...Unfortunately our lawyers say we can’t guarantee that....so instead we issue the same guarantee as our olive oil guarantee. For any reason you are dissatisfied we take it back for a full refund.