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Photo Gallery - See how extra virgin olive oil is made!

Olive Oil Photo Gallery

Our best Extra Virgin Olive Oils

- Our lineup of Aged balsamics imported from Italy

- Our lineup of some of the best Extra Virgin olive oils in the World!


This is how extra virgin olive oil is created!

- Young olive trees (approximately 10 years old) soon after harvest, in our orchards in Kalamata Greece.



- Newly Harvested Olives are passed by a blower to remove olive leaves and miscellaneous particles..
- After the leaves are removed, the olives are rinsed


- Olives going up the conveyor to be processed. During this first phase, the olives are crushed into a toothpaste-type consistency.


- Olive Oil is transformed into a liquid form. At this stage, the thick foam indicates a a high-quality oil drawn from a fresh, ripe harvest and a high-quality Processing Equipment


- Fresh Olive Oil is ready to be bottled.

- Fresh Olive Oil holding Tanks

- Fresh Olive's growing

- Time to harvest those beautiful Olives!

- Olives are very hardy..the trees survive cold and hot...Most olive trees live for thousands of years!!


- Ariston Olive Oil Orchard (Photo 2).


- Ariston Olive Oil Orchard (Photo 3).

- Ariston Olive Oil Warehouse.